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16 June 2021

Warren CHAUMET (Agriculture, 2011, Rouen), "Travel is the best way to learn" !

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Do you know Warren CHAUMET (Agriculture, 2011, Rouen) ?

Administrator within UniLaSalle Alumni, Warren is since March 2021 Treasurer of the Association. He has also joined the Events and Careers Working Groups.

It seems that "travel is for the young"? Warren shares his experience with us !

Indeed, in the 4th year of his engineering training in the Agriculture speciality, Warren benefited from an Erasmus program. He spent six months in Warsaw (Poland), where he studied Forest Entomology, Agronomy, Phytopathology, without forgetting the Polish language courses !

At the end of January 2010, the young man is back in France. In February, he decided to go to India to study the Neem Tree (or Margousier), a tree with strong insecticidal power. "It was a fabulous trip with exceptional encounters" he confides to us.

In his 5th year, for his thesis, Warren flew to Montreal (Canada) to validate a DST (Decision Support Tool) to fight against apple scab and thus limit apple treatments.

He will graduate in 2011 and will leave immediately to Ghana (between Ivory Coast and Togo), with the help of the Club V.I.E (Volontaires internationaux pour entreprendre) and will work for the company Géocoton. Warren stayed for a year and a half and made "extraordinary encounters", according to him. He also met the Peuls, a people traditionally settled as shepherds throughout West Africa.

He then returned to France and joined the headquarters of Crédit Agricole in Blois (41) as a Credit Analyst.

Two years later, Warren flew abroad again. This time he went to Tananarive, the capital of Madagascar, where he became Agronomic Manager for the company Lecofruit.

Finally, in August 2016, Warren decided to come back to live in his native country and was recruited as a Credit Analyst at the Crédit Mutuel headquarters in Laval (53). He still works there today. "My company entrusts me with the study of methanization projects, as well as atypical files, such as the installation of young farmers on goat farms with milk processing into dairy products and direct sales. I am satisfied with my increased skills and the confidence my company has in me," he says.

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