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    1. Friday 11th December 2020 to Saturday 11th December
      Trait d'Union subscription

      Would you like to receive the Trait d'Union in paper format? Nothing could be simpler, subscribe and receive it directly in your mailbox! Subscription for 1 year is 22€...

    2. Thursday 23rd September to 09:00 AM to Monday 27th September to 05:00 PM
      SIRHA 2021

    3. Thursday 7th October to 09:00 AM

      Free access to the forum

    4. Tuesday 12th October to 09:00 AM to Friday 15th October to 05:00 PM

    5. Tuesday 11th January 2022 to 09:00 AM to Thursday 13th January 2022 to 06:00 PM
      SIVAL 2022