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09 June 2021

Léa KERVROËDAN (Agriculture, 2014, Beauvais) back at UniLaSalle !

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Do you know Léa KERVROËDAN (Agriculture, 2014, Beauvais)?

Administrator within UniLaSalle Alumni, Léa has integrated the Communication Working Group. She is also Vice-President of the Association and represents the Agriculture speciality.

A look back at her career!

Léa arrived at UniLaSalle Beauvais in the first year of the Agriculture Specialty and decided, in the 4th year, to join the ASET course (Agroecology, Soils, Waters and Territories).

She then took off for Cranfield University (England) to complete her 5th year in a double degree and obtained a Master's degree in Landscape Ecology in 2014.

At the end of her studies and while waiting to find a first job in the field in which she studied, Léa works for a year in video games. Don't take this to mean that she spent her time having fun. No, her role was to check the translation of games into French, as well as to check the functionality of the Cambridge English tests.

In January 2016, she moved back to Beauvais for a Cifre thesis with AREAS, based in Saint-Valéry-en-Caux (76), as her company and UniLaSalle Beauvais (60) as her research laboratory.

In 2019, the young woman was recruited by UniLaSalle as a lecturer and in July 2020 became a teacher-researcher in plant ecology.

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