Deaths - Philippe OTT D'ESTEVOU (Geology, 1980, Beauvais) passed away on August 13, 2023.
06 September 2023 - Deaths
Philippe OTT D'ESTEVOU (Geology,...
It is with deep sadness that we have just learned of the death...
Geology, 1980, Beauvais
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Appointments - Antony LEROY (Environment, 2005, Rennes) becomes General Delegate of France Gaz Western Region
04 September 2023
France Gaz région Ouest, Délégué Général
Antony LEROY (Environment, 2005, Rennes) takes over as head of...
Antony LEROY (Environnement, 2005, Rennes)
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Appointments - Marianne CITRON (Agriculture, 1987, Beauvais) Director of the URCA Foundation
01 September 2023
Fondation de l'URCA, Directrice
Marianne Citron has been appointed Director of the Reims...
Marianne CITRON
Agriculture, 1987, Beauvais
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07 July 2023
MiXscience, Directeur Général
Jean-Marc SALAUN (Agriculture, 2001, Beauvais)
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29 June 2023
Argus Media France, PDG
Gautier LE MOLGAT (Agriculture, 2002, Beauvais)
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19 June 2023
Unéal, Directeur céréales
Maxime THUILLIER (Agriculture, 2013, Beauvais)
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