Alumni days: Gaëlle YOGA-TCHOUMY (Agriculture, 2023, Rouen)

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Why did you choose to study in France?

Initially, I chose France because I wanted to study agro-industry, and the integrated preparatory school I selected in Cameroon only had one partnership, and that was a school in France. As I looked for more information and compared this specialty between France and other European countries, I finally decided to go for France for three reasons: the quality of its teaching, its attractive professional opportunities and its cultural diversity, the result of its openness to foreigners. In the end, it turned out to be an excellent decision, as it enabled me to develop my professional career and become a key player in the food processing industry in France.

  • Why did you choose the Agronomy and Agro-industry pathway?

Ever since I was a child, I've been fascinated by the magical process of sowing one small seed to harvest thousands. For me, the agro-industry represented the ideal way to merge this passion with opportunities for innovation, growth and entrepreneurship. What I'm passionate about now is taking a staple food and transforming it into a totally new by-product, controlling every step of the transformation process. That's why I chose to study agronomy and agro-industry, as it offered me the opportunity to realize these aspirations.



  • Now that you've graduated, would you like to stay in France?

Currently employed in France, I'm aiming to consolidate my presence here in the short term in order to accumulate experience and position myself firmly in my professional field. In the long term, I have a number of projects that are close to my heart and that I'd like to bring to fruition in Cameroon. However, the future is uncertain, and in 10 years' time, I could seize a much bigger opportunity in South America or even stay in France.

  • What has been your career path since graduating ?

During my studies, I was lucky enough to land a professionalization contract with the VIVANTKombucha brewery in Paris. This experience opened the door to a position as production manager, on a fixed-term contract, with the same company. When I finished my studies, this opportunity became a permanent contract.

  • How do you see your future?

In the future, I'm planning to specialize in the agri-food business, perhaps by pursuing a Master's degree specialized in this field. My aim is to fully immerse myself in the business world and develop my skills in this specific sector.

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