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04 February 2020

What is the ideal employer for today's engineers?

This is the theme of this year's EFSI 2020 National Survey!

The Engineers and Scientists of France (IESF) are asking active and retired alumni, from 1 February to 30 March, to answer a series of questions in order to measure the attractiveness of companies and answer "what is the ideal employer for today's engineers? For retirees, it is a way of measuring long-term commitment to professional activities.

Respondents will receive, by email, a link to access the summary of the results and the salary simulator in June, which will be active until the end of September 2020; this is provided that the email address provided at the end of the questionnaire is valid. This address is dissociated from the answers and is only used for sending the survey and for the uses that they have explicitly authorised by ticking the appropriate boxes (voluntary work, subscription to IESF information, etc.) in accordance with the RGPD.

The survey is accessible via PC, tablet and smartphone (IOS and Android) by clicking here.


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