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02 November 2019

Top Chef, Coline in the quarter-finals!

After a difficult start, Coline POUILLART (Food & Health, 2015) surprised the Chef ETCHEBEST with textures and flavours that will not surprise the people who follow her on her instagram (desserts are her specialty)!

To get there, Coline was advised by the starred chef Stéphane CARBONE (** in Caen) and by Sébastien COVELLI (Boulanger Pâtissier in Beauvais).


Taking out three apprentices, including one ranked 4th in the 2019 Best Apprentices of France 2019 competition, is already a good thing. On the way to the quarter-finals; it will take several weeks but we will all be there, Coline!

And if you want to learn to cook, you can take classes with Coline at Zôdio in Caen (14) every weekend before Christmas in December.

To be continued... on hashtag#ObjectiveTopChef

RDV with hashtag#Chef_Etchebest

Discover Coline on his hashtag#culinary_touch instagram

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