The 146th is the talk of the town!

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Thanks to Benoît JANNY (Agriculture, 2007, Beauvais) for sending the Alumni Department the various articles in which the 146 was featured in the press in June and July.

In Terre-net magazine n°104, Guillaume FOLLIARD (Agriculture, 2007, Beauvais) looks back on his on-farm harvest storage.

In Union Cyrille DUBOIS (Agriculture, 2007, Beauvais) and his partners have invested in the construction of a methanizer.

Le Betteravier focused on the conference on the place of beet organized by the CGB de la Somme, during which Nicolas PINCHON (Agriculture, 2007, Beauvais) spoke as a consultant.

Guillaume RODIER (Agriculture, 2007, Beauvais) made the front page of the June 5 issue of L'Union thanks to his production of organic eggs for supermarkets.

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