Reunion near the Foyr Reunion near the Foyr

Week-end class Pierre Bordet Geology 1998

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They chose the Beauvais campus to get together...

The Pierre BORDET Geology 1998class was on hand on the Beauvais campus on May 18 and 19 for a class weekend organized by Audrey CHEREAU, Roland MARION (Geology, 1998, Beauvais) and Pierre HEURTEAUX (Geology & Environment, 1995, Beauvais).

They met at IGAL (Institut de Géologie Albert de Lapparent) in Cergy Pontoise (95), but it was on the Beauvais campus that they wanted to get together and discover UniLaSalle's various facilities. Together with students from the Com'Alumni and Sophie Caquelard from the Alumni department, the participants in this Promo WE visited the historic farmhouse with its co-working spaces, seminar center, etc. For theOn the occasion of the National Geology Days, Elsa Ottavi Puppier, Director of Geosciences, gave a sneak preview of the new APEX digital laboratory.

Despite the capricious weather, a barbecue brought them together for dinner on Saturday evening near the Foyer.

They said their goodbyes on Sunday, promising to meet up again very soon, this time with a full class.

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