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10 September 2019

Kévin MOITY (Agriculture, 2017, Beauvais) invites you to follow him in his next adventures!

Indeed, Kévin is preparing to leave for two years in Chad to join an NGO (@Moustagbal), and monitor the development projects in agriculture of the NGO.

Its missions: resilience issues, development projects (irrigation, agro-forestry, market gardening ...). "As a technical assistant to the DG, I will also participate in the management of the NGO (partners, financiers, staff ...)," explains Kevin. "I am sent to the DCC (Catholic Delegation for Cooperation), with the status of Volunteer in International Solidarity. "

To share the adventure, Kevin gives you an appointment on his:

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Kévin also launched a pot. Each volunteer collects money to allow future volunteers to leave.


So soon, Kévin, to give us your news!

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