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10 May 2021
UniLaSalle Alumni Beauvais

It's sparkling at L'Atelier du Ferment with Marjolaine NANTILLET (Alimentation & Santé, 2018) !

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In the Trait d'Union of the 3rd quarter of 2020, we told you about the entrepreneurial adventure of Marjolaine NANTILLET (Alimentation & Santé, 2018). Remember in the spring of 2017 Marjolaine and her mother Sylvie decided to create the Atelier du Ferment; a workshop for making organic and artisanal kefir, one hundred percent natural.

To increase the development of her workshop, located in Courbeveille in Mayenne (53), Marjolaine is now calling on the PhiNOE endowment funds to strengthen the equity of her company.

Thus, two jobs will be created this year.

A great development for this family business, bravo Marjolaine !

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