Le Trait d'Union #408 is out!

30 October 2023 Association
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Le Trait d'Union #408,UniLaSalle 's alumni magazine, has just been published and is available in its digital version here.
This issue provides alumni from each campus with the latest news from their school, including articles on

  • an interview with Philippe CHOQUET (Agriculture, 1987, Beauvais), UniLaSalle's General Manager, on the Strategic Board of Directors.
  • the 107 young graduates of UniLaSalle Rouen
  • the inauguration of the Beauvais Seminar Center
  • the 146 new graduates from UniLaSalle Amiens alongside their sponsor Christophe DEVERNAY (Energy Engineering & Digital Systems, 2003, Beauvais)
  • the Save the date anniversary in 2024 of the Circular Economy course at UniLaSalle Rennes.

You'll also find Alumni Portraits: Matéo COSNEFROY (Agriculture, 2018, Rouen), Anne-Laure DELIGNÉ-ROCHAUD (Environment, 2022, Rennes), Nicolas MARQUES (Food & Health, 2021, Beauvais), Romain ASTOURIC (Energy Engineering & Digital Systems, 2014, Amiens)


As for the Special Feature, you can discover the veterinary school at UniLaSalle Rouen through the explanations of Valerie LEROUX (Agriculture, 1992, Beauvais), Deputy Managing Director of UniLaSalle Rouen.Caroline BOULOCHER, Director of the Veterinary College, and students from class 001: Lou LESENECAL, Zélie CAROMEL, ELléa HELARY and Éthan DAHAN (Veterinary, 2029, Rouen), as well as Delphine ROBINET (Agriculture, 2002, Rouen), in charge of the veterinary school.

In the Alumni section, we invite you to a business day with Guillaume MARRE (Agriculture, 2019, Beauvais), Isagri's regional manager for plant production partners. We'll also be telling you about three entrepreneurs from the Rennes campus: Anne-Laure DELIGNÉ-ROCHAUD (Environment, 2022, Rennes) - Antoine GILLES (Circular Economy, 2022, Rennes) - Emilie FRANCOIS-DIEHL (Circular Economy, 2021, Rennes). We take a look back at the Promo WE of 154, which came back to visit the Beauvais campus. And finally, we present the Alumn'vie webinars!

And don't forget to read Cuisine com'un lasallien for your summer recipes and Eaux plurielles, a column by Eric BERGUE (Agriculture, 1991, Beauvais).

Happy reading!

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