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Discover the UniLaSalle campuses from the comfort of your own home!

03 February 2021 Association
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We are proud to announce that Loïc REGNAUD (Agriculture, 1980, Beauvais), Managing Director of Visite interactive, in collaboration with UniLaSalle, has created an interactive virtual tour of the four campuses (Amiens - Beauvais - Rennes - Rouen), thus highlighting the diversity of UniLaSalle's training programs, the quality of the teaching equipment and the intensity of student life by mixing communication media: 360° views, videos, internet links, etc...

As Loïc will tell you "Attention: visiting these campuses, even virtually, brings back many good memories! "So to visit, it's this way:

Amiens Campus :
Beauvais Campus:
Rennes Campus:
Rouen Campus:

The STRENGTH of the UniLaSalle Alumni Network: Alumni always active to promote their school and support its students!

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