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22 November 2019

Cédric BRON (Agriculture, 2018, Beauvais), episode 4

The adventure of a lifetime or a life of adventure?

8 months.... This November 23rd 2019 I will finalize my eighth month of travel!


13 countries, more than 350 meetings, 22 books read, 60 events in 20 different cities... the experience was rich, the learning countless.


Sometimes I have the feeling that I have learned more during these eight months than during three years of school. However, if I was able to learn so much, if I managed to maximize this experience, it was thanks to the tools developed within my career at UniLaSalle.


One of the most beautiful lessons of my 240 days of journey is the power of repetition and perseverance to achieve your goals, to make your dreams come true.


I was in Chile and Bolivia, just before the socio-political problems of these two countries. It is with sadness that I see the situation in which my new friends from these beautiful countries are evolving...


Colombia is incredible, so is Mexico. I am fortunate to be welcomed by my close friends and friends in these beautiful countries, which allow me to live an experience beyond the journey. I share their daily lives inspired by their beautiful cultures.


So, you will have understood it, an intense year, rich in learning, in encounters! I have matured, I have learned personally, professionally and emotionally. But today there is a concern in my mind, a month before the end of this incredible journey: the return!


I regularly hear the sentences: "What are you going to do with the return to reality? Enjoy, what you live is the experience of a lifetime! "No more holidays! »


How can we fight against these prejudices and not let the limitations of others hinder our own projects? Planning, preparation and having a vision are the tools I used to make 2019 memorable. These are the same tools that will allow me to make 2020 even more incredible, then 2021, 2022...


It is impossible to know the way without knowing where you want to go! This planning and preparation work, I anticipated it well before the departure of the trip! I left with the vision of "what do I want to bring back from the trip!" The most incredible thing is that my expectations have been exceeded.


The year 2020 promises to be an enriching one, and I am very proud to begin it with the launch of our book: Olivier, de l'épreuve à l'envol. I will tell you about it very soon!


This trip allowed me to make the choice, the choice to stop living in automatic mode to start intentionally living the pursuit of my dreams!

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