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27 September 2019

Cédric BRON (Agriculture, 2018, Beauvais), episode 3

 Remember, in late August, Cedric returned for two days in France before returning to Chile.

Posed in South America, he shares his thoughts after a journey of nearly 6 months ...

Reinvent the trip! After 4 ½ months of tropical climate associated with the Asian universe, I change completely environment arriving in Temuco, Chile. 35 degrees less, 12 hours of time difference, the return to Spanish and a completely different culture with a societal organization structurally opposed!

I am sharing with you the structural and physical changes, without telling you about the psychological changes: the Asian experience allowed me to meet more than 200 people, to visit 7 countries, 14 cities, while rubbing shoulders with 6 languages, 4 alphabets... next door, Chile could almost seem basic and poor in stimulation (all the more so as I already knew this country after my exchange semester in 2016).

The objectives of professionalization and acquisition of skills that I had set for myself with this 9-month journey have already been achieved and exceeded during my Asian stay, my budget too... Result: new country, new culture, new encounters, but I am confronted with the absence of a concrete objective associated with a certain fatigue to have to rebuild everything every 10 days. Indeed, I have been moving from city to city for almost 6 months now, regularly asking myself "if I have to live here, what business can I start? What are the needs of the population? What skills can I use to serve the community? What network can I develop here, to maximize the chances of success of an entrepreneurial project and/or my development in this city? »

All these are powerful and extremely interesting thoughts that have increased my relational skills and my ability to adapt. I went out of my comfort zone far beyond what I thought possible. Imagined that from 11 to 16 years old, I was called "asocial". The distance covered is immense. 

All these changes have forced me to reinvent my choices, my objectives and to structure my trip differently. And ideas are not what I lack: launching and preparing conferences on my trip, finalizing and launching a first book for January 2020 and preparing a second one on the skills that allow me to make a trip from my own experience. 

This different structure allows me to take the time to go through my "midlife crisis" and ask myself the important questions to align my values, career plans and life goals. It is a real and extremely rich challenge in terms of knowing who I am. 

Unfortunately, I have not been able to meet any Alumni on this continent yet. Nevertheless, there are many meetings and the will to create and undertake Bolivian has particularly impressed me! It's a whole ecosystem in formation! 

With these experiences, I am also reaching a stage where I am eager to move on to the next part of the adventure, that is, the application of my experiences, my new skills in the real world, my professional life and my personal projects. I look forward to moving from knowledge and experimentation to concrete and useful application. That is why I am looking for a business development job in France from January 2020, with an international dimension. 

I am in Peru right now and the next steps will be Ecuador and Colombia before making another jump into the northern hemisphere with Mexico and then the United States. 2019 has already been incredible, 2020 promises to be exciting too.



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