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30 June 2021

Antoine PAJOT (Agriculture, 2001, Beauvais) committed to the UniLaSalle Alumni Association !

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Do you know Antoine PAJOT (Agriculture, 2001, Beauvais) ?

For several years, Antoine has been involved in the UniLaSalle Alumni Association and more broadly in the UniLaSalle Institute. Let's take a look at his career!

Previously Vice-President, Antoine was elected President of the UniLaSalle Alumni Association in March 2017.

"At that time, UniLaSalle had already merged with ESIPTA in Rouen. The Alumni network had thus grown from 7000 subscribers to 14000. However, the economic model of the Association was not viable and that's when we approached the Institute," he confides.

Since January 2019, all members have access to the network's services without paying membership fees.

But it was necessary, according to him, "to develop the Association into a small SME". Antoine, along with the members of the Petit Bureau, carried out a Benchmarking and were inspired by the EDHEC model.

This is how the Association has evolved. Antoine discusses below the three main services that have been put in place:

Job coaching :
The Association is at the initiative of the Career Center and participated in its implementation. Thus, students as well as Alumni can benefit from coaches of the Alumni network to :

- be accompanied in their search for an internship or a job

- get answers to questions they may have about their professional project,

- take advantage of an interview simulation during Agora Job,

- ...

At the end of the year, Antoine would like to organize a Webinar focused on Employment.

Entrepreneurship :
Many entrepreneurs are part of the Alumni network. Students and Alumni can have access to entrepreneurship coaches but also to the UniLaSalle Business Angels club.

This entrepreneurship service will be further developed and structured in the coming years.

The upstream promotion :
This year, and for the first time, the Alumni participated in the interview of future engineering students of the school. "They loved it and will repeat the experience," says Antoine.

The Alumni are also very present and active on student fairs and open days of the Institute. On these occasions, a "human triptych" between students, professors and Alumni is established.

It is "a real opportunity" according to Antoine. Few schools offer this interaction.

The network currently has 20,000 Alumni involved and working alongside the Institute to support students and Alumni throughout their lives.

Antoine hopes, in the near future, to develop the Alumni network on all current and future UniLaSalle campuses.

Although still a member of the Petit Bureau, Antoine leaves his place as President of the Association to Julien ROUSSEL (Agriculture, 2005, Beauvais).

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