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20 May 2020

Alumni answer questions from future students

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This Wednesday 20 May, Antoine PAJOT (Agriculture, 2001, Beauvais), Géraldine HENRION (Agriculture, 2004, Rouen), Swan DJEBBARI RIBOT (Geology, 2015), Chloé PIERZO (Food & Health, 2013) and Amandine RAS (Environment, 2018) have joined Frédéric BOUTON, Marketing and Sales Manager at UniLaSalle and Léa VIEILLOT, Operational Marketing Manager, on the Pathmotion platform to answer questions from young people who have applied to UniLaSalle.

There were 24 of them who logged on to ask their questions to those who lived their years at UniLaSalle, whether they were from the Beauvais, Rouen or Rennes campuses. A livechat that gave these young people the opportunity to ask their questions about the jobs or experience of the Alumni at the school and thus project themselves the day after the Parcoursup results.



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