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Alexandra, celebrates her solo transatlantic victory

20 November 2023 UniLaSalle Alumni Beauvais
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Alexandra LUCAS (Agriculture, 2011, Beauvais), an adventurer with a passion for sailing, has accomplished the feat of crossing the Atlantic solo aboard her small 6.50m boat.

Her victory story, shared on social networks, reveals an epic adventure lasting 16 days, 7 hours, 52 minutes and 8 seconds, from La Palma (Canaries) to St François (Guadeloupe). A feat that earned him 36th place in this incredible crossing.

The Transatlantic Challenge in figures

The figures for this daring transatlantic race:

Over the two legs, Alexandra covered more than 4050 nautical miles, spending 26 days at sea in total autonomy. Carrying 204 liters of water (the average French person consumes 156 liters a day), between the waves and the stars she managed to read 3 books, solve 9 crosswords, observe over 100 flying fish and 20 dolphins.

The feat was not only physical, but also mental. Hours of solitude were accompanied by head-spinning songs, unfailing determination and an incredible ability to overcome any obstacle. Despite the challenges, there were no glitches on the boat, a testament to Alexandra's meticulous preparation and know-how.

A dream come true

Four years ago, Alexandra was starting out in the world of sailing, never imagining that she would experience such an adventure. Her passion drove her to train, tinker and solve problems, until she finally achieved her ultimate dream: crossing the Atlantic single-handed.

A true source of inspiration for all those who dream of pushing back their own limits.

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