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07 October 2019

2nd prize for their Agri-traduction project

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... realized by the Manon MARRON team (Agriculture, 2014, Rouen), Digital project manager at ACTA, during a Hackathon organized by ACTA. For 48 hours, teams of developers, agro engineers, students, gathered to develop an application or a website responding to an agricultural issue. At the end, the jury voted for his favorite projects!

Manon and her team won 2nd prize for their Agri-traduction project: the google translation of agriculture to communicate positively and easily on social networks.

She shares with you the site already online: "But for the moment it is a prototype from this hackathon! My team would like to carry the project for far to create a V2 of the site and feed the agricultural messages and their translations," she explains.

A case to be continued!




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