A look back at the Apéritif Citadins d'Arras

09 May 2024 Association
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Céline ROBERGEOT-CIENKI (Agriculture, 1996, Beauvais) and Claudine PAINTEAUX (Agriculture, 1996, Beauvais) joined us for an Apéritif Citadin at the Salon Vins de Terroir et Produits régionaux, on the "Pascerette des vignes" stand.

Leaving the show to extend the evening, the Alumni immortalized the moment on the Grand Place d'Arras.

📱 Don't forget Alumni Day on June 6!

If you can't find your city in the list of Apéritifs Citadin already organized on June 6, don't hesitate to contact Alumni Services!

For Paris, come along to the UniLaSalle Generations Evening, registration here.

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