Le Trait d'Union gets a makeover for 2024!

26 March 2024 Association
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In this first issue of 2024, you'll discover the new look of Le Trait d'Union. After carefully studying your feedback to our May 2022 survey, we've decided to highlight the inspiring testimonials of UniLaSalle alumni from the Amiens, Beauvais, Rennes and Rouen campuses, before tackling the school's top news stories.

Dive into the new "Alumni Talk" section, where alumni share their stories of involvement in the network, their international careers and their entrepreneurial adventures. We've also reduced the number of pages from 52 to 42 for more concise and direct articles, responding to your requests to get straight to the point.

Another new feature: we'd like to introduce you to a student association. Throughout the year, the four issues of Le Trait d'Union will highlight a Com' of students from the Amiens, Beauvais, Rennes and Rouen campuses.

We hope you enjoy reading this new issue!

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